1st Take Youth Film Program




Our mission is to enrich the young minds of our community by providing them with hands-on training that centers around the complete process of filmmaking. 1st Take Youth Film Program introduces youth to socially responsible filmmaking while empowering them to tell the stories of their community. Our educational outreach program caters to students ages 12-18 and has become an outlet for opportunity youth to express their creativity and exercise new skills that can be utilized in everyday life.


To inspire our youth to strive for greatness by using the fundamentals of the filmmaking process to turn their visions into reality.


Pre- Production: students will write their own scripts, shot lists, and storyboards. They will learn how to line produce, cast, schedule and create basic budgets.

Production: – All students film their own production with the tools provided by instructors.

Post-Production – Students edit, score, color correct and finalize their projects.